ContentGrabber provides the functionality to identify the different parts of a signature or address, create a new contact out of this identification and transfer it into a selected contact management program.
It works with signatures from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Url to reach ContentGrabber:


ContentGrabber is a service orientated tool to classify the different parts (e.g. name, firstname, street, zipcode, phone numbers …) of signatures or addresses, create a new contact and transfer it into a selected contact management program.

In the current version ContentGrabber works with signatures from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
ContentGrabber is web based and can be included into genesisWorld as a new internet view. It is also part of CAS Info@Click (click here to get more Inormation about CAS Info@Click).


In most cases it is very easy for a person to identify the different parts of a signature. Therefore it is boring work to copy and paste or even retype the parts in creating a new contact. With the use of ContactGrabber it is therefore possible to save time and also avoid mistakes.

How to use ContentGrabber

  1. Copy any signature from Germany, Austria or Switzerland out of an eMail or the web and paste it into the text field provided by the link above.
  2. Press the Button “Erkennung starten” and the result of the classification will appear
  3. Check if the classified parts are correct. If not use drag & drop to correct them
  4. Press “Speichern” to transfer the new contact data into the selected contact management program. You can choose a contact management program in using the Drop-Down-Box:
    • If MS-Outlook (vCard) is selected when pressing “Speichern” a new Outlook Contact will open.
    • genesisWorld (gtf) creates a genesisWorld import- and export file called Global-Transfer-File. If this option is selected when pressing “Speichern” the browser will at first ask if you want to open or save. Press open. Then genesisWorld will ask, if you want to run the data importer. Press ok to import the contact. Depending on weather genesisWorld is running or not you get (when running) a dialog where you can have a look at the imported data.
      Warning: There is no detection of duplicated entries at that point. This functionality is provided by CAS Info@Click.
    • hCard is a Microformat. It creates html contact data and adds semantic information.

Improvement of service

To be able to develop a most reliable detection of the signature parts, it is necessary to get as much test data as possible. Each signature which is entered into the current version of ContentGrabber will be logged.
Every time you are using the service will help to improve its further development.