CAS Card Scanner (former CAS WeCapture) – Fast and Simple Business Card Scanner connecting to your Contact Management App!
Now with one click you can add any new business card to your contacts. Connected to CAS genesisWorld x8 SmartDesign Preview (minimum version 1.2.0), CAS SmartWe (minimum version 1.2.0) and your local contacts CAS Card Scanner is the latest addition to CAS smart tool set. Read more CAS Card Scanner

Your local News better than ever- with the Baden TV Smartphone App you can now enjoy the world of Baden TV everywhere.
Stay informed with local and worldwide news, watch current shows in the on-line stream and share interesting articles with your friends and family.

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Publishing made easy – publish quick and comfortable with the Mobile Publisher
Company news, papers or entertainment for your customers, the Mobile Publisher enables you to easily share what you have to say with your target group.
Read or publish content with your Tablet or Smartphone from everywhere and collect the feedback of your readers. Reach out to all of your readers via Push.

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While other duplicate removal apps can only find exact matches, OneContact is also able to detect fuzzy matches, such as “Frederick Jackson” and “Jakson Fredrick”. OneContact uses cutting-edge algorithms, such as Jaro-Winkler distance, Sorted Neighborhood, and Floyd-Warshall algorithms. These algorithms were fine-tuned by the experienced Information Systems Group at Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam.

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Always stay on top of your schedule!

CAS Reminder is a handy Android home screen widget that displays all your appointments directly on your home screen.

A few minutes before that, the widget will remind you of it – with either a sound or a vibration.

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Got a Pebble? Cool. Get the CAS NextEvent watchface and make your Pebble awesome!
With vibration notifications directly on your wrist you will never be late again!
CAS NextEvent displays information about the next event in your CAS genesisWorld calendar. Shake your Pebble to display a list of upcoming events.

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With the CAS RemindMe App for your Sony SmartWatch 2 you will be always up to date and have your genesisWorld appointments directly at your wrist.
It helps you to manage your time more efficiently, not to forget appointments, you will always know how many minutes you have left until the beginning and you can get off at time. Vibration notifications before the appointment begins will always remind you…

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CAS Info@Click is an easy to use – “one click” tool to find contacts, to email them or even to call by phone.
Essentially this tool is able to capture text from any application (MS® Word, Outlook; ERP, CRM, etc.). It is designed to be at hand as an assistant: after a special mouse click it will be there instantly. In a pop-up window it shows your contacts matching the name / e-mail address / phone number / etc. you clicked on.
Let’s give it a try!

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CAS genesisWorld AddOn for Thunderbird is the answer to open source e-mail client users. We provide archive AddOn not only for Outlook users, but now for Thunderbird as well. After installation of this AddOn a new “Archive to CAS genesisWorld” button will be available. If you want to save your e-mail(s) into CAS genesisWorld do it simple, just click here:

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Here you can find some demos, based on the RIA technology: Microsoft Silverlight. They demonstrate, how interactive the new generation of web applications might be.

Concerning user experience, Silverlight applications can be similar to the best Desktop applications!

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The CAS LiveScribeIntegrator application enables you to transfer handwritten notes from the Pulse SmartPen from Livescribe to CAS PIA and CAS genesisWorld.
It offers additional comfort machnisms as also a modern user interface.

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