Here you can find several Google Gadgets which report your personal up to date information.
Currently there are two gadgets available.

CAS Appointment Gadget: Shows your active appointments
CAS Missed Calls Gadget: missed calls will be shown

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CAS IntelliFrame enables you to view the most important data on various media. It can provide a fast overview and therefore save on valuable time.
The use is for example for information systems in front of meeting rooms possible, but also as screen saver at the work place.

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The CAS genesisWorld plug-in for Logitech® io2™ is a plug-in developed for the combined use of CAS genesisWorld and the Logitech® io2™ DigiPen.
With the DigiPen notes can be taken just like with any other ordinary pen. However the Logitech® io2™ software recognizes your handwriting and converts it into printed letters.

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You are a keen GoogleCalendar user? Or you just have a mobile which you use for a calendar? You can simply import your calendar entries from CAS genesisWorld into your GoogleCalendar and be sure, that they will stay synchronized while the tool is used as a tray application starting and closing automatically with the system until you pause synchronization and delete the entries.

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SunBird – iCal Calendar Server to CAS genesisWorld provides a door to reach your/others appointments using a widespread standard. Through iCalendar format our GenesisWorld calendar becomes available for Macintosh and Linux as well.

This is a small server application ready to be installed alone or on an existing genesisWorld server.

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CAS genesisWorld Podcast makes it possible for the gW user to listen to his genesisWorld files using Podcast. You do not need a computer to get the latest information about your selected customers or ongoing projects. You can get all the files associated with them with GenesisWorld Podcast. The files are converted to speech and made available for you in mp3 file format. You can subscribe to a podcast-feed with various podcast-ready devices or software. (iPod, iTunes, some Nokia cellphones etc.)

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SalesForce Dataloader is a tool that transfers data from SalesForce database to CAS GenesisWorld database. Data are extracted from SalesForce database through SalesForce’s “AppExchange Web Services API”. SalesForce Dataloader provides also an interface for managing the data flow between SalesForce and CAS genesisWorld databases. With this “Field Matching” interface it is possible to generate XML-files that determine the SalesForce tables and fields from which the SalesForce data are extracted and CAS GenesisWorld tables and fields they will be transferred to.

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Information service is a tool that you can use to brief you daily about your appointments, tasks and unanswered calls. The tool sends you information to an e-mail address, when the specified time is reached.

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