CAS LiveScribeIntegrator

The CAS LiveScribeIntegrator application enables you to transfer handwritten notes from the Pulse SmartPen from Livescribe to CAS PIA and CAS genesisWorld.
It offers additional comfort machnisms as also a modern user interface.


Please visit the Livescribe Homepage for information about the pen.

Livescribe Desktop


CAS LiveScribeIntegrator is an application, which is able to extract and display the handwritten information, that are recorded by the Pulse SmartPen. Furthermore the application is able to link autonomously to correlated appointments, integrate audio files and add meta information to a script. The integrative part of the program allows the transfer of handwritten documents to CAS PIA as also to CAS genesisWorld.
The technologies described and used in this application were .Net, C#, WPX and XAML as well as COM-technology, XML and Web Services, especially SOAP.


Please consider, that the pen may not be docked in the docking station while the programm starts up. So please do not plug in the pen until the application is completely loaded.

To be able to use the audio information of your pen, the Livescribe Desktop software is required.