CAS Info@Click

CAS Info@Click is an easy to use – “one click” tool to find contacts, to email them or even to call by phone.
Essentially this tool is able to capture text from any application (MS® Word, Outlook; ERP, CRM, etc.). It is designed to be at hand as an assistant: after a special mouse click it will be there instantly. In a pop-up window it shows your contacts matching the name / e-mail address / phone number / etc. you clicked on.
Let’s give it a try!

Der intelligente Ein-Klick-Assistent

“New and innovative tools such as the CAS Info@Click make work easier in everyday life.”
Ludwig Neer


Installer (v3.0.8)
(Size: 3.94 MB; 22.11.2013)

Beta-Version with synchronization**

Installer (v3.0.8.1 beta)
(Size: 5.09 MB; 12.05.2015)

Fascinating help for addresses and more

“The name of the CIO stands in the Word document, but what was his/her phone number? CAS Info@Click shows it in a pop-up window immediately and links to the user’s request. Another example: the user browses an English website, but what does the word “recognize” mean? CAS Info@Click knows it immediately.”

Gyro Gearloose had his Little Helper. From now on, every user has one. It doesn’t matter, whether you work in Microsoft Word, Outlook, ERP or CRM system – you only have to move the cursor to the text, name, e-mail address etc., then click –  and you can find the contact addresses, city maps, phone numbers and so on and so forth.

There isn’t anything easier

CAS Info@Click bundles up valuable additional information to a search term and keeps it well-arranged. A simple mouse click on any word starts in a pop-up window simultaneous the search in the Internet, in YellowMap, in CRM database CAS genesisWorld and in many other objectives. Thus, while you are searching the internet, you can access a contact very quickly, carry over valuable additional information into CRM system or use die Location Based Services (LBS) of YellowMap.

The user becomes a boss through the high-performance assistant – complete addresses can be found very quickly. One more click and the phone numbers can be selected immediately or e-mail addresses can be auto-applied into the To field. CAS Info@Click provides the greatest comfort with the best clarity.

For support requests concerning the new released version (not Betas) please contact Info@Click Support (

** The synchronization functionality is without liability, guarantee and support.