CAS genesisWorld Podcast

CAS genesisWorld Podcast makes it possible for the gW user to listen to his genesisWorld files using Podcast. You do not need a computer to get the latest information about your selected customers or ongoing projects. You can get all the files associated with them with GenesisWorld Podcast. The files are converted to speech and made available for you in mp3 file format. You can subscribe to a podcast-feed with various podcast-ready devices or software. (iPod, iTunes, some Nokia cellphones etc.)


The solution consists of a server-side win32 software that creates the episodes and a website which is the interface for the gW user. Users subscribe themselves to a podcast-feed on the “gwPodcast” website. They can learn about the URL on this site to access their Feed and set their filters to decide which files they want to receive. (Appointment, Task, Emails or Voucher…) The podcast creator software runs in one instance on a server. It runs in the background and checks periodically for new files and if present, generates the podcast episode. That is it converts text (file-content) to speech and uploads it to a server. Episodes are in mp3 file format. See the detailed infrastructure schema.

Podcast creator

does not require any installation. However it is important that it works only on a computer where the latest genesisWorld client is available. (because podcast creator uses it’s activex components) On the other hand the computer has to be in the same network with the genesisWorld application server. (because podcast creator extracts the information to create an episode from the app server)


First install jacoZoom. Once the installation is complete follow the steps described below: Go to the folder where jacoZoom is installed and copy izmjnicom.dll to C:\Program Files\infoZoom and copy izmcomjni.jar to %TomcatDir%\common\lib. Restart Tomcat.

Now deploy the Web Archive file: If you use Apache Tomcat just copy the gwPodcast.war file into the %TomcatInstallDir%\webapps folder and wait for tomcat to deploy it automatically. It is important that the chosen web server has to be both accessible from the internet (otherwise the podcast feed is only available from the intranet) and from the network where the genesisWorld application server is running. (because the podcast WebSite extracts the information from the app server)

Podcast creator

Run the executable. First you will be asked for a podcast config-file URL. This file is created by the podcast WebSite. If you have deployed the WebSite the URL will look like: http://%ServerName%/gwPodcast/accounts/cnfg_account.xml
In the application you can set the following settings:


After you have deployed the WebSite search for the constants.jsp file. In Tomcat you should find it in %TomcatInstallDir%\webapps\gwPodcast folder. You have to set these values.

Do not change this value.

AccountManager.webversion = “1.00”;

If the WebServer accesses the internet through a proxy then the proxy address needs to be set. If it does not use proxy set it to an empty string. ( “” )

AccountManager.proxyhost = “”;

If the WebServer accesses the internet through proxy then the proxy port needs to be set.

AccountManager.proxyport = 3128;

Servername where usernameDCOM will be authenticated

AccountManager.serverDomain = “”;

Username for DCOM authentication
Example: firstname.lastname

AccountManager.usernameDCOM = “Zsolt.Safrany”;

Password for user

AccountManager.passwordDCOM = “software”;

Set the address of the genesisWorld application server. The DCOM Objects will be created on this Server.

AccountManager.gwServer = “”;

Set WebSite’s admin username.

AccountManager.AdminUsername= “gwadmin”;

Set WebSite’s admin password.

AccountManager.AdminPassword= “admin”;


Create an Addresslist or Projectlist with arbitrary Filters to select the Customers(addresses) or Projects you want to be informed of through Podcast.

To get the latest information about Customers:

To get the latest information about Projects:

Podcast creator

Start the executable, you may even minimize it to run on the taskbar. It will run in the background quietly.


genesisWorld users reach the website at http://%servername%/gwPodcast. First gwUsers have to subscribe with their genesisWorld username and password. You can access the administration page at http://%servername%/gwPodcast/admin.jsp