CAS genesisWorld AddOn for Thunderbird

CAS genesisWorld AddOn for Thunderbird is the answer to open source e-mail client users. We provide archive AddOn not only for Outlook users, but now for Thunderbird as well. After installation of this AddOn a new “Archive to CAS genesisWorld” button will be available. If you want to save your e-mail(s) into CAS genesisWorld do it simple, just click here:


Für/for: Thunderbird 5

gWArchiver v3.3
XPI Install Package (18.07.2011)
– Windows XP or newer
– CAS genesisWorld V11 or higher (installed on your local machine)
– Thunderbird 3.0 or higher

teamCRMArchiver v3.3
für/for CAS PIA
XPI Install Package (18.07.2011)
Windows XP or newer


This AddOn enables Mozilla Thunderbird users to archive their e-mails to CAS genesisWorld just as it is possible in Microsoft Outlook.

Note: Newly released version. Provided by CAS Software AG.



  1. download & install Thunderbird
  2. Tools -> Extensions -> Install: choose gWArchiver.xpi
  3. right click on toolbar: “customise…”
  4. drag&drop the archiver icon (uses gW icon) to toolbar


After installation just select the e-mail(s) you would like to archive and press the CAS genesisWord button on the toolbar.
Then a window opens in which you can set up some attributes specific to the selected e-mails. After setting up everything you needed, just press ‘Archive’ button, and the e-mail(s) will be stored into the CAS genesisWord document base.